Collimation Project Steering Meeting

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Mandate: The meeting is intended to bring together all work package leaders every two weeks, to present the status of their work and to coordinate the collimator production. During the meeting the problems of each group will be discussed and priorities are defined and decided. In order to constitute a coherent technical system, respect the schedule and budget.

The groups and responsibilities
  • AB/TD: for collimator production, reception and final assembly at CERN, alignment, infrastructure
  • AB/LPE: for motorization and sensor production, mounting and testing of electronic equipment, calibration of sensors, infrastructure
  • TS: for the mechanical design, collimator tests, production of supports, alignment, installation
  • AT: for vacuum tests, production of mobile pumping ports

Meetings:                   Every Tuesday  -  14:00 - 15:30  -  Conference Room 874-1-011

Next Meetings:
to be announced

Agenda: R. Assmann Introduction
J. M. Jimenez Vacuum issues
M. Mayer,A. Bertarelli Design, installation tools, TS production
O. Aberle Production, installation status and schedule for ring
Y. Kadi Production, installation status and schedule for transition line
R. Losito Auxiliary equipment and schedule
M. Jonker Status of Controls
All Special discussion

Minutes and presentation of the meeting

List of open, completed and delayed actions.

Delivery schedules for collimators and components.

List and table of approved collimators.

Members(meeting is restricted, see list below)

Chairman:                    R. Assmann
Scientific Secretary:     Th. Weiler

List of 30.1.2006:

Oliver Aberle - <>
Ralph Assmann - <>
Alessandro Bertarelli - <>
Ahmed Cherif - <>
Yacine Kadi - <>
Yacine Kadi - <>
Jacques Lettry - <>
Manfred Mayer - <>
Roberto Losito - <>
Michel Jonker - <>
Stefano Redaelli - <>
Thomas Weiler - <>

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Th. Weiler, AB/ABP-LCU, 31 Jan 2006